Greg Capullo is taking over HAUNT!

We’ve shared much love on Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie for current Haunt/Invincible artist Ryan Ottley, who does pencils over layouts from Greg Capullo (and Todd McFarlane does the inks).  So I have awful, awful news…. Ryan Ottley is leaving Haunt! Oh, the horror!  The horrible, horrible horror!  What will we do now?  I mean, […]

Robert Kirkman + Todd McFarlane = HAUNT!

Damn yous Robert Kirkman.  Damn yous to hell.  I wish I could quit you! Homoerotic movie quotes aside, I have a love/hate relationship with Robert Kirkman.  I’ve quit reading Invincible, Brit, Walking Dead, and Astounding Wolf-Man all at least once.  Of course, now (other than Brit) I’ve managed to start repurchasing all of them on […]