andy-richterSince the show was canceled in 2003, The Wife and I have been itching for Andy Richter Controls the Universe to come to DVD.  Andy Richter, former Conan O’Brien sideman, starred in this hysterical sitcom.  Richter played a man largely dissatisfied with his life, fancying himself a short story writer, but instead working as a technical writer.  The show centers around his wild fantasies (hence, his controlling of the universe) which are visualized for the audience.

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One of the many ideas Andy shared was two TVs for the bedroom: one located at the foot of the bed and another on the side so that no matter how you want to lay, you can still watch TV.  Brilliant.  If it didn’t seem so decadent, I’d have done it YEARS ago.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe was yet another show unappreciated by FOX (YASUBF), cancelled before its time.

The complete series hits DVD on March 24th.  I’ve already placed my order.