Why waste hard earned cash on a series that you’ve been collecting for a year, but really don’t like?  You can take that 3 or 4 bucks and buy something new and exciting!  DVD’s, Video Games, Comics, the occassional book…check here for your one-stop listing of all the stuff you should add to your collection this week!  Note that I’m not going to list all of the stuff coming out…just the good stuff!


Friday the 13th Uncut on Blu-RayFriday the 13th 1-3 Double Dips
I probably don’t need to tell you to buy these.  The only one I hesitated on was part 2.  Part 1 being released in Blu-Ray was a no-brainer, especially given the new bonus features.  Part 3 being released for the first time on DVD in actual 3D was again, a pretty easy decision.  Part 2 though doesn’t seem to have much in the way of bonus features, and the picture quality probably isn’t much better than the box set release of the series a couple of years back.  Still, as a Friday fan, you’ll more than likely pick up all three because of that gaping hole your collection will have between parts 1 and 3.


I love seeing retrospectives on horror movie DVD’s.  This one seems to be like the Halloween retrospective released a couple of years ago.  If you’re a fan of the Friday movies, probably a no-brainer.  If you don’t like them…well, then you probably won’t like this either.


Nada.  But some good stuff coming in the next couple of weeks!



I know everyone is a little pissed about how they ended Jim Shooter’s run on Legion, but it’s time to move on and into the future (heh) with the current Legion which, from what I can tell, seems to be the original Legion.  I know, confusing.  Either way, I’m sure Adventure Comics #0 will clear up some of our confusion, and with a back-up that DC is saying has an “important surprise,” I’m sure it’s worth the $1 to pick it up.  Sticking with the Legion theme, it doesn’t get much better than Geoff Johns’ Final Crisis kinda spin off, Legion of Three Worlds.  Better than the event itself, this series really should have lost the FC tie-in since, well, it’ll end 3 months after.

Top Cow Double Feature:


If you’re not reading Top Cow’s Impaler (and really, Top Cow is probably one of the best comic companies out now), then you’re missing out on this great horror title.  Finally, someone trying to do something different with vampires!

From the Top Cow site:
Millions of vampires have descended upon America. In a desperate bid to defeat them, the U.S. military nuked New York City. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Humanity’s only chance rests in the hands of vampire hunter Vlad the Impaler and a small band of human survivors.

wb124_mediumWITCHBLADE #124
Did you not just hear me say (well, read me…uh, type) that Top Cow is probably one of the best comic companies publishing today?  Witchblade is their premiere title, and for good reason.  Gorgeous art, almost always on time, and excellent writing – there’s no reason not to pick this up, especially given the fact that Top Cow is sticking to not raising prices for 2009.  This issue is about two hot girls fighting over a piece of jewelry – part 1 of an epic storyline!  (by piece of jewelry, I really mean ancient artifact that imbues its owner with unimaginable power.  But yeah…jewelry.)

Astonishing Tales

Marvel’s newest attempt at an anthology series.  It’s got a Wolverine/Punisher tale by Kenneth Rocafort (Top Cow’s Madame Mirage) – worth the price of admission alone!

I’m a big fan of Zenescope books, and this one even took my by surprise.  Smart writing, good art – a different take on the Re-Animator we know, but with enough nods to the original work and movie to keep fans happy.  Definitely less campy than most other appearances of the character.  If you didn’t start at the beginning, seek those issues out before starting in the middle.

deadirons01covleeDEAD IRONS #1
A horror western…they’re a dime a dozen nowadays, but the talent behind this mini series is something that shouldn’t be passed up, and is sure to bring something different to what is quickly becoming a tired genre.  I like James Kuhoric, but hell…this book is worth buying for the art alone!

From the Dynamite Entertainment site:

North Point is a dead town now. Silas Irons stands alone against an innocent population twisted into the living dead. But facing a horde of monsters isn’t the worst thing he will encounter in this walking cemetery. The one soul he most yearns to save will spit in the face of redemption and shatter his tentative hold over the uncontrollable fury deep in his cursed soul. His one shot at salvation gone, Silas must find his way through a haze of merciless bloodshed and destruction. And still the supernatural draw of their resurrected mother pulls all of the Irons siblings closer to a final reckoning with the man that turned them into monsters…Devin Irons.
Six guns and the supernatural collide in the Dead Irons saga. Written by James Kuhoric (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash), illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander (BPRD), and based on character designs and art direction by Jae Lee (The Dark Tower).

I love this series.  If you’ve never picked up Grimm Fairy Tales before, you may be a little lost (they have a bit of an ongoing mythology) with some of the back story, but each issue is pretty accessible to new readers.  Try this book out!

iamlegion1I AM LEGION #1 (OF 6)
It’s John Cassaday.  Do you really care about anything else?

Just in case you do, from the website:

World War II rages as two supernatural entities pursue collide in a conflict hinged on ideologies and the lives of men. The outcome will decide the end of the war itself! Beneath it all, the Nazi pursue a project called “LEGION,” centering on a young Romanian girl with powerful abilities.

phantom0reg100PHANTOM GHOST WHO WALKS #0
It’s $1.99, and really…we need to support The Phantom, probably one of the best super heroes around, but also one of the most underrated.  It’s a shame that he never seems to sell as much as other heroes who have come after him.  Probably the purple costume.  Or the Billy Zane movie, which I actually like!  This is Moonstone’s reboot of the Phantom legend:

This new adventure series will take a hard look at current Africa, as the Guardian of the Eastern Dark regains his edge and mystique in these gripping tales!

I’ve only read the first Scott Pilgrim volume, but I really enjoyed it.  If you’ve read the first four, I don’t need to tell you to buy this one.  If you haven’t, pick up the first before the movie comes out.  Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) is directing the film, so you know the source material has to be pretty darn good.