Who watches the Watchmen on their iPhone?On occasion, folks will say “it’s just a phone.”


They don’t get it because they don’t have one.  Don’t make me choose between you and my iPhone!  My iPhone completes me!

Much as the silver cord connects my astral form to the Prime Material Plane, the iPhone connects me to the vast, wondrous world of the intrawebs.  When I am away from my PC, it brings me media and allows me to generate media.  It is a beautiful tool.

I marvel at those who have embraced the technology, leaping into the future of media and marketing.  The people marketing Watchmen have done just that.

The iPhone Watchmen app launches into Adrian Veidt’s screening room (seen above).  Televisions adorn the walls in 180-degree fashion.  Monitors initially load with snow patterns, indicating a present yet weak signal.  Once the user touches the ‘tube, content will populate to the full screen.

Content includes wallpapers for the iPhone, character biographies, links to the official website, a countdown clock, trailers, and making of featurettes.

The brilliant thing about the app is that the screens continue to populate with content over time.  As the release date draws near, more cool stuff is available.

I’ve spent a lot of time with this one, making it one of my favorite apps.  Totally dig it.  It’s a free download in the App Store.

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