Drunk Guy passed out at my table last year where I was running the first installment of "...And a Little Child Shall Eat Them."

I am on my way to the airport to catch a plane to Saint Louis for Fear The Boot’s second year gaming convention, Fear the Con 2.  Last year was balls out the best gaming convention I have ever attended.  I’ve got high hopes for this year.

No doubt, Fear The Con 2 will have a different feel than it’s maiden outing.  The larger then life Luke Meyer, who was so much a part of the 2008 event, is no longer associated with Fear the Boot.  And while there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in this regard, is it not said that where there is not a Luke there will be a Hussy. Chris Hussy, that is.

I am playing in The Hussman’s Succession Wars game. I’m booked for Christopher Mais’ Savage Retirement, a game about aging superheroes as well as a game of Dread.  Been wanting to play Dread for a while now.

Also absent from 2009 is Tony Mast and his Fear the Froot basket.  Gotta say, Tony fed the gamers last year with healthy snacks.  He loaded me up on oranges and apples and bananas.  I have never been so regular at a convention before.  My colon will miss Tony.

Life is about change, though.  So despite the absence of Luke and Tony, I know this thing is gonna pop a wicked nut.  After all, FtC2 is a three day event this year.  A social event, World Wide Wing Night, kicks things off on Thursday and that’s followed by two days of gaming on Friday and Saturday.

Last year I ran my zombie game “…And a Little Child Shall Eat Them.” At FtC2, I will be running “One Year Later” which finds the survivors one year after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse returning to the town where it all started for them.  When the world is at its darkest, hope burns anew in  a place called Calhoun. I had a spectacular crew of players last March and I’ve got a full table for this weekend’s game.  I’m sure it’ll be every bit as much fun!  I even have a returning player!  Woot!

I will be live blogging from Thursday through Sunday.  So stay tuned for all out, Fear The Con coverage right here on IoM as well as on my Twitter feed.

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