cigar_flordeolivagoldJust two weeks ago I wrote about the upper end of the Oliva line of cigars.  Today, let’s talk about the other end.  The Flor de Oliva is regarded by many as the best value on the market.  A whole lotta smoke for not a lotta coin.

Flor de Oliva are priced between $2.00 and $2.50 per stick.  Pretty righteous, but how do they smoke?

I picked up a couple of these last week when I came across them in the cigar store bargain bin.  So normally $2.40 per cigar, I purchased them at 40% off (around $1.50 each!).  The cigars that wind up in the bin are generally discontinued, poor sellers – or in this instance – damaged.

The cigars had been mushed a little.  No biggie.  In no way was the damage any more than cosmetic.

flor-de-oliva-01Out of the wrapper, I was greeted with a delightful hint of chocolate which on further examination  I concluded that it was more a pumpernickel aroma than anything else.  Truly a wonderful smell.

My cigar, a Torpedo (6 x 52), smoked even and smooth.  Medium-bodied in flavor, this stogie had very little in the way of spice.  It was smooth with an easy draw, a feast for the nose as well as the mouth throughout the long smoke.  71 minutes!

The Flor de Oliva is a handmade wonder utilizing both Nicaraguan longfillers and Nicaraguan wrapper leaf.

Highly recommended.