Phantom Concept Art for the SyFy TV ShowSo…really?

I’m not sure I hate SyFy’s concept designs for the costume in their upcoming The Phantom TV show, but I know I don’t love them.  I’ll be the first to admit – I may love the character of the Phantom, but sure, his costume is a little dated, and little…well, dumb.  But aren’t all superhero costumes?  I mean, the Superman costume and Batman costumes do have to have changes when they go on TV and in the movies, but this…I don’t know.  Maybe the hoodie bugs me.  I’m not big on it.

I do like that the skull design has been subtly incorporated into the costume design. The only thing I love about the costume is the belt.  I’m guessing the belt will be passed down from Phantom to Phantom.  They better have the ring too – I don’t see it in these designs.  Apparently,

“The Phantom’s body suit is woven of a high-tech, nano-matrix, dark purple fabric, which is pliable, soft and also glitters with a dark metallic sheen. The fabric is a layered micro-weave of Kevlar, Twaron and Heracron fibers, skinned with a titanium-ceramic alloy neurosymbioticmesh, resistant to heat, bladed weapons, falls, impacts and small-arms fire.

“The nano-matrix fabric actually receives and amplifies intra-muscular nerve transmissions from the person wearing the suit to affect its density and movement—similar to modern bio-electronic prosthetics. Like an insect’s exoskeleton, the mesh amplifies by a factor of 2.5 times the Phantom’s normal output.

“The Phantom’s ballistic vest and cowl helmet/mask are reinforced with contoured Chobham armor plates and wired for cellular and radio communication. The Phantom also wears black fatigues, and his purple and black boots are similar to sticky-soled rock-climbing shoes.”

You can check out some more designs on SciFiWire, including a guy with a trench coat that has a purple interior that seems more like The Shadow than the Phantom.

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