A Nazi Zombie is a terrible thing to waste.Has this ever happened to you?  Last week, my wife and I met some friends for a nice meal at California Pizza Kitchen, followed by a showing of Adventureland (despite what the reviews say, probably not worth your time).  Anyway, so we’re hanging out on the deck at CPK, because I’m on a nickname basis with that restaurant, and a frickin’ nazi zombie sits at the table next to us.  As if it’s not embarassing enough to be eating alone, the nazi zombie then proceeds to talk on his cell phone, LOUDLY, and in German to boot!  So, frustrated but four drinks deep, we leave the restaurant, and make our way to the movie theater.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention, because halfway into the movie, a cell phone goes off behind me, playing the Imperial Death March.  I turn around to complain to the guy and it’s the freakin’ nazi zombie again!  He picks up his phone, waves a dead middle finger at me, and then proceeds to talk, in German and loudly, during the movie!  Ugh…frickin’ Nazis.

Anyway…that’s my worst case scenario.  Apparently the worst case scenario for the movie Worst Case Scenario has actually come to pass.  According to Twitch Film,

Around this time last year, it seemed the Dutch nazi zombie movie “Worst Case Scenario” was finally getting out of development hell when some new investors joined the project … due to “productional stalemate” the film is again very much locked in development hell. Apparently there is a Catch-22 in there somewhere, with several parties waiting for each other to proceed and there is no obvious way out in the foreseeable future.

As much as I liked Dead Snow (check my review here), I really think that the “nazi zombie” genre could stand to use a few more entries.  I’m not sure if the release of Dead Snow has anything to do with this idea getting scrapped, but this film looks like it could have been just as visually striking, if not more.  Check out a promo piece done to try to get funding for the film:

Since it looks like the idea has either been scrapped, or will be incorporated into another idea, a piece of concept art is on the Twitch Film article that reveals the potential for what that project could be.  It could possibly be that there is a fear that the zombie genre is drying up like a dead, rotting corpse.  It would explain the change in the type of creature, anyway.  Either way, whether the film see the light of day as Worst Case Scenario or Army of Frankenstein, you can guarantee I’ll see it!

Army of Frankenstein