DVD Review: The Cartoonist

I make no bones (heh) about saying that Jeff Smith’s Bone is probably one of, if not THE, greatest comic book of ALL TIME.  Sure, many others have created long form stories, like Cerebus, Preacher, and more, but none have had quite the same universal appeal as Bone. I’ve read a ton of articles and […]

What are we, crazy? MORE FREE CRAP!

After sending out a couple of prize packages earlier this week, I realized that, “dang.  We don’t have any contests going on right now, do we?”  So, if you’ve heard this week’s podcast, you’ll know we started up a new contest to win a grab bag of comics that are perfect for people either getting […]

More RASL!

Further proving how much he is like a ninja, Jeff Smith sprung up out of nowhere with the awesome news that RASL, in addition to being one of the best comic books on stands today, is FINALLY going to be released more frequently.  None of this 4-6 months between issues nonsense. So, starting with RASL […]

Jeff Smith is like a ninja.

Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, announced today that RASL #4 comes out April 22nd at your FLCS.  Jeff Smith…man, what do I say about the guy?  He never ceases to amaze he, but he’s as frustrating as he is awesome.  See, RASL, for those not in the know, is about an art thief who’s figured […]