No Quarter, from ZenescopeJust got the bad news from Zenescope:

Zenescope Entertainment and No Quarter Entertainment have decided to cancel their plan to launch the pirate-themed comic book entitled NO QUARTER which was originally set for a June 2009 release date.  The venture was anticipated by Zenescope fans, especially those hungry for a pirate series.  “We feel bad that we let our fans down a bit after promoting the release and getting some great feedback but unfortunately sometimes the unexpected occurs.” said Zenescope Executive VP, Ralph Tedesco “We do wish No Quarter Entertainment luck with their future endeavors and hopefully the book will be published at some point, even if it’s not under the Zenescope label.”

Zenescope will still be launching two brand new titles this summer that have yet to be announced, both are set to debut preview issues at Comic Con International in July.

I’m sure we’ll see No Quarter in the near future from another company.  It’s a shame, as it seemed like an interesting title, but we’ll keep an eye out for it!