startrekmovie1I saw the new Star Trek movie last night.

It rocked hard.

Seriously, crazy awesome.

Casting was brilliant, story was spot-on and the action was ladled in awesome sauce.  JJ Abrams, please, please, please say you’ll make the next one.

To give you an indication of how good the movie is and how well it will do… My wife, who is not an SF fan and who does not much care for Trek, loved it.  She laughed, she cheered, was totally into the film.

It won both a die-hard fan who’s been skeptical up until recently, and my non-geek, non-fan wife.

Because I need protection at all times, I brought a red shirt along with me. Ensign Gary was not seen after the first act.

This thing is gonna be freakin’ huge.

Sure, I have a few issues with the movie relating to continuity.  But if you start pulling at those threads the entire sweater comes apart.  So best to leave that alone.

I will not spoil the film for you except to say that this film completely reboots the entire franchise with a whole new, dangerous, freakishly cool status-quo.  Some will argue “not really” since things ostensibly take place in an alternate universe.  Let’s face it though, you’ve seen your last TNG movie.

These new, fresh faces are the next generation of Trek.  And I gotta say… I like it!

I’ll have a lot more to say about this one, but I want to live with it for a bit first.