The original Alien Nation was released in 1988
The original Alien Nation was released in 1988.

So, according to Variety, Tim Minear (Angel, X-Files, Serenity) is currently writing a remake of the original Alien Nation movie for SciFi.  Though the article does say this is part of SyFy’s (as it is soon to be called) new push to expand itself, it doesn’t say if this is more a proposal is more movie-based, or a pilot for a new series.  My guess is that they’re working on a pilot for a new series.

“It’s absolute perfect timing for this type of show,” Carlisle said. “They’re looking for more grounded sci-fi and close-ended episodes, and at the heart of ‘Alien Nation,’ it’s a cop movie. It’s grounded. And it has a tremendous amount of dramatic possibilities and humor.”

The new “Alien Nation” would include a mythology that evolves over time and will also touch on some of the issues of the day, such as the immigrant experience and how society integrates an incoming culture.

The original film had the late, great Mandy Patinkin and James Caan (who is still alive and awesome) as Sam (George) Francisco and Matthew Sykes (who’s name meant poop in the alien language) as two cops, one of whom happened to be an alien.  See, in the original story (set in 1991), a flying saucer crash landed in the Mojave Desert, carrying with it a group of aliens who were slaves.  In Los Angeles, they were accepted and eventually integrated into society.  Terence Stamp played the baddie.

The movie was fantastic, and the series that followed it expanded on the mythology in every way possible, becoming one of the greatest science fiction television series of all time.

I go into the remake with mixed emotions.  I LOVED Alien Nation, but the last TV movie for the series was back in 1997, so it’s kind of primed for remaking.  The Variety article does say they are taking inspiration from Battlestar Galactica, which can only be a good thing.

What say you?  Are you ready for the new adventures of Sykes and Francisco?