Marvel's Superhero Squad Show

If you’ve listened to this week’s episode of Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie, you’d know that Aron is pretty excited about an upcoming Marvel animated project featuring George Takei as the voice of Galactus.  In the podcast, I theorized that it was probably Marvels upcoming kid-friendly Superhero Squad Show cartoon and, well, I was right.  But he’s not the only heavy hitter on the cast.  There are over 105 characters in the show (not all of them speaking), and many of them have some pretty popular voices behind them!  Here’s just a sampling:

  • Charlie Adler: Captain Britain, Doctor Doom, Doombots, Melter, Sabretooth, Wrecker, Plantman and Super Skrull.
  • Shawn Ashmore: Iceman.
  • LeVar Burton: James Rhodes.
  • Taye Diggs: Black Panther.
  • Robert Englund: Dormammu.
  • Greg Grunberg: Ant-Man.
  • Mark Hamill: Red Skull and Chthon.Lena Headey: Black Widow and Mystique.
  • Tricia Helfer: Sif.
  • Stan Lee: Mayor.
  • James Marsters: Mr. Fantastic.
  • Adrian Pasdar: Hawkeye.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson: Nick Fury and Scorpio.
  • Kevin Sorbo: Ka-Zar.
  • Ray Stevenson: The Punisher.
  • George Takei: Galactus.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg: Valkyrie.

I love how they’re using some previously cast movie roles in the cartoon voices, like Ray Stevenson as the Punisher and Shawn Ashmore as Iceman.  That’s some great casting.  See the full list here!