The_Walking_Dead_Wallpaper_1_by_n00bzillaFan favorite zombie comic series The Walking Dead is on its way to series television.  According to Variety, cable channel AMC is inches away from sealing the deal with Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont to bring the show to its network.

Holy crap!

Y’know, I think this would make a great TV series.

The Walking Dead tells the story of surviving the zombie apocalypse.  Like the best zombie stories, it’s not about the undead.  The story revolves around how people react when their lives are at risk and the niceties of civilation have crumbled around you.  When law and order fall away, who can you trust?  What do you value?

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead published by Image Comics is written in broad story arcs, well-suited to the hour-long format.  The characters are great, demonstrating evolution and change.  If the show’s creators stay true to the source material, this thing will rock.

No word yet on when we might expect to see the pilot.