Adventure Comics #3
One of my favorite aspects of the Adventure Comics series has been these "original numbering" covers.

Adventure Comics quickly jumps to the top of my read pile whenever it comes out.  Sadly, I am a little worried about the title and hearing that, one Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul go to the The Flash, so too does Connor Kent leave the title and (I think) it becomes, primarily, a Legion of Super-Heroes title, which holds far less interest for me.  Does this mean that there will be a Superboy title starting up eventually?  It just seemed to me that Adventure Comics was the perfect title for his adventures…sigh…

Anyhow, enough of that!  While Johns and Manapul are still on the title, we can enjoy all sorts of awesome Superboy goodness, including (finally) a reunion with his “best friend” Tim Drake, who’s now all dark and broody as Red Robin!  Will he reveal to Connor his attempts to clone him?  Will he lie about trying to hop in the sack with Connor’s ex-girlfriend?  So many questions – hopefully Adventure Comics #3 will answer them all!

Check out the first five pages of Adventure Comics #3 by clicking here!