Kiele Sanchez, from A Perfect Getaway

Sadly, it’s been revealed that the upcoming sequel to 30 Days of Night, Dark Days, will end up as a direct to DVD entry, rather than a theatrical film.  I wonder if that’s more budget-driven, or because Melissa George chose not to reprise her role as Stella.  Still, thanks to Bloody-Disgusting, we can see that the film did manage to pull in a pretty decent cast, as filming has officially kicked off!

Turns out Mia Kirshner, from “The L Word” and of being HOT fame, plays the lead vamp “Lilith”. In addition, Rhys Coiro (Billy from “Entourage”), Harold Perrineau (“Lost”, 28 Weeks Later), Kiele Sanchez (A Perfect Getaway, Insanitarium, “Lost”) and Diora Baird (Texas Chiansaw Massacre: The Beginning) are appearing in the film.

The film involves Stella getting revenge on he vampires behind the assault on Barrow, Alaska, that left all of her family and friends either dead or…well…yeah, just dead.