iom_tvSo, according to Variety, television station AMC has greenlit the pilot for a TV show based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book.  We’re huge fans of The Walking Dead here at IoM (we even got Marvel boy-Jonathan Landreth reading the book!), so of course that’s an exciting enough prospect.

Couple with it the fact that the pilot is set to be written and directed by director Frank Darabont, and you’ve got a recipe for damn fine television.  The last time Darabont took on a spooky tale, in Stephen King’s The Mist, we got one of the horror genre’s best films in years.  Here’s hoping he can bring the same quality to the small screen.

My vote for lead character Rick Grimes?  None other than the star of The Mist, Thomas Jane.  I mean, sure, he’s a big screen star, but he’s also done some small screen stuff with HBO’s Hung.  He could do another TV show, right?