IoM Actual Play: Ship-Wrecked on Monster Island

In the days after Serpentfall, a handful of Marines – the last of their once mighty unit – are shipwrecked on Kaijushima… a place you might know better as Monster Island.

Wreathed in mist and veiled in mystery, Monster Island was bad enough during the BIG ONE, when it held cannibal soldiers sworn to kill and die for Hirohito, and savage tribes who worshiped Golyeong, the MIGHTY “gorilla ghost.” After the Serpentfall, who knows what TREMENDOUS horrors might be RISING UP in Monster Island’s jungles, awakened from the prehistoric past?

Ship-wrecked on Monster Island is an actual play recording made at Fear the Con 4.  Players include Comedy Rockstar Mikey Mason, Funnybooks’ Paul, Thistledown AP’s  John, Josh, Nathan and James.

The game uses the Day After Ragnarok setting expansion from Serpent Scales #3: Return to Monster Island.

Day After Ragnarok is set in a world where the allies never won World War II. Instead, Patton dies before the Battle of the Bulge assassinated in Otto Skorzeny’s Operation Walküre. The Nazis, emboldened by this development that they believe signals the new Twilight, are successful in their endeavor to access the arcane powers of the Norse Gods. They summon up Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent.

The end times dawn in 1945.

The Yanks strike back at the world encircling serpent with a nuke – killing Jormungandr, but also ending the world as we know it. The giant snake’s massive body crashes across continents, destroying cities and nations… Magic and monsters enter the world.

And our heroes are ship-wrecked on Monster Island.

Day After Ragnarok is a Savage Worlds setting from Atomic Overmind Press.

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