X-O Manowar # 41

Story Robert Venditti Pencils Rafa Sandoval Inks Jordi Tarragona Colors Ulises Arreola Letters Dave Sharp Published by Valiant Comics Commander Thrill of the Vine is setting thing in place to start his war on Earth. The Vine half breeds have infiltrated G.A.T.E and several other government agencies. A Vine half bred assassin who looks human manages to […]

Invincible #124

Story Robert Kirkman Pencils Ryan Ottley Inks Cliff Rathburn Colors Jean-Francis Beaulieu Letters Rus Wooton Published by Image Comics Mark is back in the past. He is back in his teenage body with all the memories intact. Mark finds Eve and at this point in time she does not know him. He convinces her and […]

Justice League # 45

Story Geoff Johns Art Francis Manapul Color Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato Letters Rob Leigh Published by DC Comics Darkseid may be dead , but the war has just begun. Darkseid’s death has cased a ripple effect across reality. Flash is the Black Racer, God of Death. Superman has become aggressive and vengeful. He is […]

Invincible Iron Man # 2

Story Brian Michael Bendis Art David Marquez Colors Justin Ponsor Letters VC’s Clayton Cowles Published by Marvel Comics Tony confronts Doctor Doom. Doom Tries to convince Tony that he is no longer the evil man he once was. Tony is not believing that for one minute. Doom tells Tony that the item Madam Mask stole […]

Red Hood / Arsenal # 5

Story Scott Lobdell Art Denis Medri Colors Blond Letters Dave Sharp Published by DC Comics Jason, Roy , and Gordon Batman take on Underbelly. Roy uses a special electro magnetic arrow to put down Underbelly for good. We get to see a new villain team called Hero Manifesto who are planning to take down Red […]

The Shadow Vol.2 # 3

Story Cullen Bunn Art Giovanni Timpano Colors Marco Lesko Letters Simmon Bowland Published by Dynamite Entertainment This issue starts with the Shadow fighting two monkey creatures. Did Crowley set him up? He then finds a room full of dead bodies and a man called The Sandman. It seems that The Sandman is after Houdini’s secrets as well. […]

Uncanny Inhumans #1

Story Charles Soule Pencils Jay Leisten Inks Steve McNiven Colors Sunny Cho Letter  VC’s Clayton Cowles Published by Marvel Comics Black Bolt, Triton, and Reader are time traveling back to Attilan the original city of the Inhumans. Kang The Conquer has been tracking them. He vows to destroy Black Bolt for betraying him. Medusa and her team […]

JLA # 4

Story Bryan Hitch Pencils Bryan Hitch Inks Daniel Henriques Colors Alex Sinclair Letters Chris Eliopoulos Published by DC Comics Cyborg is performing DNA tests on Superman’s blood to see what effect RAO has on him. Batman is at Gotham General Hospital performing his own tests. Green Lantern is still trapped in the past on Krypton. […]

Karnak # 1

Story Warren Ellis Art Gerardo Zaffino Colors Dan Brown Letters VC’s Clayton Cowles Published by Marvel Comics Karnak is called from his Tower Of Wisdom to help S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson needs his help to find a boy that is missing. The boy was exposed to the Terrigen Mist then he was abducted. Karnak interviews the […]