Paul's Horror Flix: The Fourth Kind / The Reeds

Hello there, boils and ghouls!  It’s time for another very exciting edition of PAUL’S HORROR FLIX!  Two very different horror films this week, as we delve into both the supernatural and the extraterrestrial with: The Fourth Kind The Reeds Are either one of these flicks worth your time?  Will they keep you up at night, […]

Paul's Horror Flix: The Horror To Come!

So a very special edition of Paul’s Horror Flix today!  Since I’m out of town (more on that on this week’s Funnybooks) this week, I’ve been unable to enjoy my typical horror movie goodness.  I know – ghastly!  But, alas, hotel wi-fi has afforded me the opportunity enough to cruise the net, spying on the […]


Welcome back, boils and ghouls, to a very special edition of PAUL’S HORROR FLIX!  This week, you won’t have to venture to your local video store, or Amazon (or try to import something) to find the movies we’ll be chatting about – you just need to go to your local cinema!  That’s right, we’re discussing […]

Paul's Horror Flix: 80's Triple Header

Hello there boils and ghouls!  It’s time for another wild and wacky version of PAUL’S MOTHER FRAKIN HORROR FLICKS!  Hell to the yes!  The excitement is boiling over isn’t it?  You’re just sitting there, laptop on the sink as you wait for the body in your bathtub to be eaten away by the battery acid, […]

Madness at the Movies: Daybreakers

After hitting critical success with their film Undead, The Spierig Brothers were given not only more money to play with, but an all-star Hollywood cast to fill their toy box.  The result?  Daybreakers, a semi-apocalyptic vampire flick that tells the story of a world where humans are an endangered species, and the world’s vampire population […]