Funnybooks: The Price!

Is DC Comics in trouble with the recent confirmation of an additional 10-15% reduction in their published titles? Also, the recent releases of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol and Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. Finally, in our comics discussion, we chat: Batman #65 (The Price crossover) Justice League #18 Return of Wolverine and the current state of the X-Men Universe

Deadpool: The Movie!

SPOILERS FOR THE END OF X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE FOLLOW: Well dang.  If my mouth wasn’t sewn shut in a Weapon X experiment, I’d stick my foot in it.  I really wasn’t expecting this to actually happen: Twentieth Century Fox has begun development on “Deadpool,” an “X-Men” spinoff that will be crafted as a star vehicle […]

Madness at the Movies: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A good number of people (thousands) have already seen the X-Men Origins: Wolverine workprint and the news has gotten out that, save for a couple of secret endings, (highlight to read) one including the character Deadpool, the two versions are practically identical, save for the finalized special effects and sound work. So now that Wolverine‘s […]


These Apple commercial parodies are a dime a dozen nowadays.  But this one is funny.  In a geeky kinda way.  Except for Sabretooth.  That guys not funny at all.  Stupid Sabretooth.

Your Morning Head: "Hulk rip off Talking Man's head!"

For the price of one DVD, you receive two separate Marvel animated features in Hulk Vs.  They share some commonalities yet remain distinctly different movies, each having its own strengths.  And weaknesses. Both films benefit from terrific soundtracks and excellent art direction.  Long have I complained that the Marvel animation lacks any real artistic chops.  […]