Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: The Star Trek Saga: Breaking Wind

Paul just got home from Wal-Mart Star Trek: Into Darkness Wayne Luvs Lego All-Star Western #19 Supergirl #20 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23 Aron’s Double Fuck Doomsday.1 #1 Battlestar Galactica V.2 #1 Give us a call at 972-763-5903 and leave us your thoughts. If we use your voicemail, you’ll win an Ideology of Madness SurPrize just […]

Bear McCrary Interview!

No…not by us, but I wish! NPR (National Public Radio…but you knew that) recently did an interview with Bear McCrary, the composer behind Battlestar Galactica, about his Battlestar Galactica Concert Tour, continuing this July at the House of Blues in San Diego.  The inaugural show in LA actually had Kara Thrace herself, Katee Sackhoff, performing […]

All Good Things….

You know, I think Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finale episode, “All Good Things,” was one of the few finales that I felt was a proper send off to the series it ended.  Let’s be honest, Buffy’s finale stunk and Angel’s finale killed Wesley, which I’ll never forgive.  Yeah, he came back in the comic, […]

Click that link!

Dig this original piece, Ciphers, featuring The Spirit, Rorschach, and The Question. I always knew Superman was a Christ-figure, but was surprised to learn he’s a Methodist.  The world is lousy with Catholic heroes, but where are the Episcopal superheroes?  Could be maybe… Batman? You know you’ve been asking, “Who is Daniel?” Levar Burton jumps […]