• Andrew is back, and The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar
  • Hellblazer ending and Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie
  • JLA’s 52 variant covers
  • James Bond: Skyfall!
  • Iron Man #1
  • Deadpool #1
  • World’s Finest #6
  • Detective Comics #14
  • Shadowman #1
  • Storm Dogs #1
  • Fly Vol 2 #1

You can join the countdown to the return of Paul’s Mom Jokes… or Wayne’s expiration date.

KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH NEWS: Season 2 is on; however, due to Aron’s schedule we are taking a six-week break from recording.  We have move than five shows in the hopper now, but that’s’ our cushion for production.  So we’re taking the next two release dates off.  But we’re not going to leave you hanging. The first of two more actual play recordings made at Fear the Con 5 was released: And a Little Child Shall Eat Them.

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2 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Who is Vibe?

  1. Actually thought Power Girl’s problem is too familiarity with the Icon system and has an aspec where her costume/clothing always gets destroyed either in fights or encounters and in one case deliberately avoiding Super Girl!
    Happily it doesn’t apply to Damien any chance they could do a poster of him being “nudged” by the backside by Power Girl?
    Huntress definitely needs a shower scene, not so sure Damien will be bothering taking advantage but fortunately for Power Girl he isn’t Toy Man!
    Oh and I’ve never had an allergy to milk but I still like Stephanie Brown…

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