Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Amazing Spider-Man Retrospective!

Joining Aron, Paul, Wayne and Andrew this week is one Luke Meyer, one time columnist for Ideology of Madness and formerly of The Podge Cast.  We chat about our New Years Eve activities, SciFi/SyFy Channel, Harlan Ellison, Star Trek, Comixology Down Time, and what we’re looking forward to in 2013. Beyond that, we heap mountains […]

The Wizard Sleeve: What Should I Buy? – Savage Worlds Edition

One of the hardest things about playing rpgs is breaking into the hobby. Without a knowledgeable hand to guide you, deciphering the myriad of terminology, niches, and reviewer biases can be absolutely mind-boggling.  And don’t discount this problem to apply to just gaming newbies.  Even the experienced gamer may have to do a whole lot […]

The Wizard Sleeve: Sweet Victory

As a gamemaster, you must never discount that player motivation will often trump character motivation.  Sure, everyone likes to brag about games with “deep roleplaying” and “staying in-character” and most of the time experienced roleplayers have little trouble separating their desires from the character’s. However, sometimes there’s a carrot dangling that no player can resist […]