FFD: Ultimate Armor Wars

The hard thing about being Tony Stark is that when you own all the cool toys, folks just wanna steal your stuff.  That’s what Ultimate Armor Wars is all about.  Poor Tony. To get your chance at winning all four issues of Ultimate Armor Wars, all you gotta do is tell us in the comments […]

FFD: Avengers vs Atlas, plus The Uranian

We absolutely love the Agents of Atlas here at IoM.  Jake Parker’s hero team is unique in the Marvel universe with a wild, retro feel.  Plus, talking gorilla, which is just awesome. One lucky winner will receive all four issues of the Avengers vs Atlas mini-series and all three issues of The Uranian mini.  All […]

The Blackest Night Give-a-way!

After all the zombies have been put down and the dead resurrected, what’s left but to give away a whole ton of books?  Ideology of Madness is pleased to bring you The Blackest Night Give-a-way!  DC Comics brought the world an ambitious event years in the making and told by such illustrious writers as Geoff […]