Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Raging Bi-Beast!

Aron’s RAGE! The Totally Awesome Hulk Force Friday Experiences Star Wars: Lando #3 Aliens/Vampirella #1 Marvel Studios Behind the Scenes Drama Deadpool vs. Thanos #1 Secret Wars adds an issue Thors #3 Future Imperfect #5 Raising Dion #1 Providence #4 Dying and the Dead #2 &3 Fear the Walking Dead Arrow Season 4 Trailer and […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Gods and Monsters!

This week on Funnybooks, Aron smokes cigars! DC releases their first batch of post-Convergence books, Marvel gets all-new and all-different, and the Secret Wars rage on! Aron went to Lonestar Cigar Bash Justice League: Gods and Monsters Justice League #41 Action Comics #41 Green Lantern #41 Omega Men & Batman Beyond #1 Bizarro & Batmite […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Minute 39 Will Change Your Life!

Why will minute 39 change your life? Listen to the first 38 minutes to find out! Paul’s Internet Pet Peeve Paul’s Wallet Situation Movie News: Tron 3 Cancelled, LXG Reboot Providence #1 More Movie: Suicide Squad Leaks, Justice League Documentary Convergence #8 Convergence: Shazam #2 DC Ads DC Sneak Peeks: We Are Robin, Flash, Earth […]

Spandex and Capes #10

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, which I’m late with this week’s article.  Lots of barbecue.  So, this week, Convergence reaches its penultimate chapter and the Secret War tie-ins start.  Plus both companies start their campaigns for what comes next!  So let’s get started with an “All-New, All-Different” that’s still just for “You” Spandex and Capes! […]